Golf Valley, Nueva Andalucía – luxury living and golf

There are many luxury residential areas in Marbella, each of which offers its residents and homeowners a different mix of location, views, surroundings and access to nearby amenities and services. Some are right on the beach, others within walking distance of nightlife or practical amenities, while there are also areas for people who love to be surrounded by nature, with walking and hiking trails close by.  

Everyone wants Modern in Marbella today

Undeniably, the current trend in architecture is heavily skewed towards the Modern. If you’re in any doubt as to what ‘Modern’ means, it refers to a style that employs simplicity in form and design. Straight lines, cubes and large areas of window space are its key signatures; it is an approach that strips away fancy frills and any unnecessary elements. Every aspect of the home is intended to showcase the design of a linear-inspired space.  


Members of the distinguished international circle who make Marbella a home from home do so for many reasons. Alongside the wonderful climate, superb beaches and lifestyle choices, chief amongst them is a taste for the finer things in life—quite literally so when it comes to the dining options available in this gourmet paradise.  

Investor confidence in Marbella running high

A consensus is forming amongst real estate professionals that the controversial annulment of Marbella’s 2010 General Plan (PGOU) could well turn out to be a good thing for the town. Despite an initial period of uncertainty following the Supreme Court decision, it is becoming apparent that there is no lack of investor confidence when it comes to new developments in Marbella.  

The leafy charms of Guadalmina Property

Half way between Marbella and Estepona and just a few minutes from the luxury marina of Puerto Banús is the charming town of San Pedro Alcántara and its leafy suburb of Guadalmina. Divided into two sections—Guadalmina Alta, north of the A7 coastal road, and Guadalmina Baja, which runs down to the coastline—this high quality residential enclave has proven to be enduringly popular since its inception back in the 1950s.  

Spend a Marbella Christmas in the Sun

Marbella is a great place to spend the winter season—where else in Europe is it possible to eat lunch on the beach or enjoy a glass of wine on a sunny waterside terrace in December without the need for your coat, gloves or hat? The restaurants and bars are less crowded than in the summer months—making it possible to dine at your leisure without having to make a reservation—the roads are quieter and there are far shorter queues at the airport.  

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