FM Consulting brings diplomats from 19 European countries to Marbella

european ambassadors, Marbella 01The founder and director of FM Consulting Realty Group, Fausto Martínez, created an initiative to bring leading European diplomats to Málaga and Marbella – and on 16 April and that is exactly what happened when he led dignitaries from Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Latvia and many other countries on a tour of our region.

Diplomats from 19 European countries, MarbellaThe visitors, which included 15 ambassadors, spent the first part of a two-day visit to the Costa del Sol in Málaga, where they met Mayor Francisco de la Torre and his team, who have played a vital role in the beautification of the city that now ranks as one of the most important cultural destinations in the Mediterranean. “Málaga is a beautiful city with a long and fascinating history that is reflected in its architecture, customs and culinary offer,” said Fausto Martínez. “It is being ‘discovered’ on an international level, compared even with cities such as Barcelona, but we wanted our guests to have a first-hand experience of just how much it has blossomed in recent years.”

The important visitors were shown the historic town centre, around the main shopping street of Calle Larios, the Picasso Museum near the cathedral and the new Centre Pompidou at the popular Muelle Uno harbour-side commercial and entertainment centre.

The following day Marbella’s Mayoress Ángeles Muñoz and the town’s councillor for tourism, José Luis Hernández, joined Fausto Martínez and his team in welcoming the international dignitaries to our lovely resort. They visited the Casco Antiguo historic quarter before sampling the atmosphere in Marbella and enjoying lunch at one of its classic landmarks – the Hotel Puente Romano.

“Initiatives such as these are important,” said Fausto Martínez. “They serve to reinforce existing links and foster new ones, bringing our region to people who will take back their observations and share them with a far larger public than we could hope to invite in one visit.” He also emphasised the need for promotion of this kind, saying: “Málaga is growing impressively and the tourism and residential tourism sectors of Marbella are also performing very well, but we must never rest on our laurels. Málaga and Marbella have so much to offer, but we must work hard to spread that message as well as continue to strive for better in the visual, infrastructural and service aspects of what we offer. Only then can we ensure that this beautiful spot at the southern tip of Europe is all it can be.”

May 2015