At the heart of FM Properties Realty Group’s success and ability to provide an authoritative service to its clients is the expertise and experience of our teams of professionals in such fields as engineering, construction, architecture, design, project management, sales, marketing, tourism and, of course, real estate. They are headed up by a team of principals who have earned their stripes in this industry and lead by example.
Fausto martinez, President of the FM Group

Fausto Martínez – President of the FM Group

Though originally from a tourism background, in which he held posts as General Manager of Hotel El Paraíso in Estepona and the erstwhile Hotel Golf Plaza in Marbella, Fausto Martínez made the transition into real estate and property development when he founded FM Properties Realty Group in 1991.

Since then he has earned a reputation as a trusted and authoritative professional not only in the development and marketing of luxury properties on the Costa del Sol, but also in assisting investors in the acquiring of suitable assets, the sourcing and preparation of land for development, and the subsequent management of landmark projects in and around Marbella.

For the latter he continues to draw on his hotel training, blending this with many years experience in the creation of successful developments such as Bahía del Velerín, Monte Paraiso Country Club, Costa Galera and current project Cortijo del Mar Resort. To these can be added developments project-managed on behalf of third parties such as Jockey Village of the Grupo Lábaro Inmobiliario and Las Lomas del Conde Luque of Grupo Proibinsa.

Between 2007 and 2010 Fausto Martínez also served as CEO of the International Division of Grupo Lábaro Inmobiliario and later as Managing Director of its Fortalia Investment Group, whilst continuing his role as President of FM Properties Realty Group. He is a founding member of the organisation Iniciativas Turísticas de Marbella (Tourism Initiatives of Marbella) and Honorary Consul of Latvia in Málaga and Eastern Andalucía.

Juan Jesús Martínez Villa – Director of Business Development at the FM Group

Juan Jesús Martínez Villa – Director of Business Development at the FM Group

As a qualified Tourism Administrator with an MBA and a Masters Degree in Tourism Planning and Management, Juan Jesús Martínez was well placed to take on roles such as Director of Tourism Promotion for Expo ’92 in Seville and Sales Director for its post-event development and commercialisation. These positions ultimately led to his appointment as Managing Director of the Andalusian Tourist Board, where he was responsible for promoting and expanding the Andalusian brand across the world.

Like his brother, Juan Jesús subsequently made the transition to the real estate world, becoming Managing Director of Business Development at FM Properties Realty Group and also holding positions such as Vice-President of the Fortalia Investment Group.

Angela Schouten – Managing Partner of the FM Group

Angela Schouten – Managing Partner of the FM Group

Angela Schouten started her professional career in the late eighties, when she took up the position of Sales Manager at the former Hotel Golf Plaza in Marbella. In 1991 she was appointed Sales Manager of ICW in Seville, a company that specialised in organising incentive and group visits to the Expo ‘92 World Fair.

She subsequently founded FM Properties Realty Group with her husband Fausto Martínez and has worked exclusively for this real estate development, consulting, marketing and sales group ever since, dealing with third-party developers’ projects, hotel management and operations. Over this time the company has garnered prestige and is respected for its professionalism throughout the Costa del Sol.

Andy George – Sales Executive at FM Properties

Andy George – Sales Executive at FM Properties Realty Group

After studying Business Studies and working for Barclays Bank PLC for over ten years, sunnier climate called and Andy found himself drawn first to the Canary Islands and later the Costa del Sol. Here he worked first in tourism and later in real estate, where he managed a team of over 70 staff that sold more than 3000 properties per year.

Andy joined FM Properties Realty Group four years ago and in addition to loving the local climate and lifestyle he also still very much enjoys the process of helping our clients find, choose and enjoy their new Marbella properties.

David Ruiz – Chief Financial Officer at FM Properties

David Ruiz – Chief Financial Officer at FM Properties Realty Group

David Ruiz has been with FM Properties Realty Group since 2002 and in that time has been a key part of the team, helping FM Properties Realty Group grow into the thriving business it is today. His qualities epitomise our company ethos – hard work, integrity and commitment to our clients.

A team player who is liked and respected throughout the company and wider business world, David has a string of qualifications relevant to not just finance, but also the real estate sector.

His knowledge and experience, coupled with a profound understanding of the needs of our company, means the financial wellbeing of FM Properties Realty Group is in good hands.

Diana Ciliuta – Sales Support

Diana Ciliuta – Sales Support

Having a big experience in customer service, being an enthusiastic and an energetic person, she is also a great communicator not only because she speaks 5 languages but because of her natural ability to interact with the whole team of FM and collaborators. Her customer service skills help her to archive the goals of the company.

Her way of taking care of every detail and great attention that she gives to all the clients fit perfectly with the philosophy of FM Consulting.

Maite Fonseca Castañeda – Accounts, Sales and Marketing Administration at FM Properties

Maite Fonseca Castañeda – Accounts, Sales and Marketing Administration at FM Properties

Behind every successful company are dedicated and skilled behind the scenes staff; Maite has been a key member of FM Properties Realty Group´s team since joining us in 2007. With her degree in Business Administration and invaluable experience gained in positions of trust at several companies, she brought a high level of knowledge and expertise to her role in the finance department. Maite has been crucial to the company in her supervisory and support duties in sales and marketing, as well as in her administrative and accounting tasks. Besides her business skills, her personality has made Maite a liked and respected member of the FM Properties team

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